Books, Books, Books

Im a born book lover. Since I was a kid I always loved reading. From Jacqueline Wilson to Stephanie Meyers. I loved to read. But I wasn’t always willing to make time for it (being a moody teenager and all) until last Spring (2014) when I read The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

*sigh* Man, do I love those books? Yes. Very much so.

As I read these books after already having watched both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire as movies, I already knew that I loved the story, and the characters. However, I was not prepared for how obsessed I would become.

Being able to know what Katniss was really thinking. Knowing she had real feelings. And that she wasn’t just this strong, brave 16 year old girl with a hard exterior and no real fear whatsoever was spellbinding. 

I loved being able to experience the games through her eyes. Reading the books shed a whole new light on what is really happening during this entertaining, disgusting reality tv show. And as I watched the movies afterwards, the events taking place really affected me. I respected the characters onto a new level. 

Safe to say, I raaaaaaan to the nearest bookshop and bought Catching Fire. Flew through that in 2 days (school all the time getting in the way). And again, raaaaaan through three local book shops before finally finding the third and final installment. Mockingjay. A book that I will never forgive, or forget. 

As I cried, and cried, and cried while turning the last page of Mockingjay. I realised how much I loved escaping into their world. With their characters. 

Depressing as it was, I truly enjoyed avoiding reality for a few days. I loved caring about them and feeling as though I went on this journey by Katniss’s side. I loved falling in love with such a perfect and beautiful character as Peeta Mellark. 


Your welcome ^

I know that not everyone is as affected by books as others are. But can I tell you how amazing it is to be lost in the world of a book. To see the characters as your own friends. To not have to spare a single thought on your own problems and personal life. 

I sometimes feel like a weirdo for feeling this way. But at least I know that I will never be alone as long as I have books by my side. 

To anyone who feels the same about books. Comment below your favourites and which characters make you swoon, sigh, laugh and cry. 

Thanks for reading! 😊

Mel, xoxo



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