Guilty Pleasures

Hello everyone!

Today I have not been feeling my best. At all. I am sick with the flu and I think I have some sort of a stomach bug!? Don’t worry, this is not the point of the blog. It just gave me the idea for one. I’ve spent the day wandering around, I went into town to get tablets, I’ve been outside as it is a gorgeous sunny day, I even tried to study for a while! However, I haven’t felt any better AT ALL. In fact I feel worse. So I started to wonder why is it that some of us feel so guilty when we sit around doing nothing for a day. Even when we’re sick?

Now, I am aware that not everyone feels this guilt. But I do. And it is quite annoying.

I am the same in my everyday life. I have work that needs to be done such as study or cleaning dishes but I simply don’t have the energy or motivation to fulfil these tasks. So I sit and I read a book, I watch some Netflix. And that is when it creeps up on me. I glance at my college books twice or three times before giving in. I read a few pages, take some notes, look over them a few times. Then I fail the test. I fail? But how can that be so?

Well, maybe if I had taken the time I needed to “procrastinate”, I would have finally been in the mood to get some study done. And maybe, just maybe, I would have actually paid attention and remembered some of the information.

I know that some of you will be reading this thinking “WHO is ever in the mood to study?”, but you would be surprised at how much we can achieve if we just give ourselves the time to relax and do things we enjoy. I see absolutely no point in locking yourself in a room for a whole week studying for an exam. You will only retain about 20% of the info. Instead, if you gave yourself a little TLC and then took about 2-3 hours to study, you would remember so much more. Not only that, but you would actually learn. Quality over quantity. You would not be so drained afterwards, wondering why you even need school and would anyone notice if you up and left?

Personally, I spend a lot of my time worrying about things and doing nothing about them. Wasting time and energy. Recently, I have learned that there is no point in that whatsoever. It gets you nowhere, except maybe you’re bed because you can’t even cope with the stress long enough to leave the house. What a lot of us need to learn is that we should appreciate ourselves more. We should stop forcing ourselves against our limits. We should listen to our body’s needs and wants. Only that way can we be happy. And successful, too!

I’m no one to preach about this to others but I just want you to know that it is okay to sit around doing nothing. It is beneficial to our mental health to appreciate what our body’s can achieve when we don’t push too hard.

So, if you’re feeling tired or sad or sick, whatever. Don’t regret sitting down and taking the time you need to pick yourself up again. It is human nature to get down and lose our motivation. It happens to all of us. So sit up with a good book or a movie, a cup of tea and your leftover Easter eggs, and just be. I know that’s what I’ll be doing!

Thanks so much for reading,

Fangirl xoxo

My guilty pleasures: Chocolate, tea & a good book.

Current read: The Maze Runner by James Dashner.


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